How to maintain high energy throughout the day

Maintain Energy Meditation

I get overwhelmed. I get stressed. I have a massive to-do-list and don’t know where to start most days. I am sure you have days like that or maybe weeks. We could blame bad planning or even hormones, but still, these days happen. Meditation is lovely. It definitely helps to have a regular practise. However, there are these times during the day where you just want to scream. Or maybe you do scream, and maybe at someone else.


At the beginning of this year, I listened to a podcast by Brendon Burchard. He explains that to keep our energy high throughout the day, we need to take regular breaks every 45 to 60 minutes or when we transition between tasks, whichever comes first. When changing between tasks our mind continues to mull over the old effort and we are expending an un-necessary amount of energy to transfer to the new project. That is one of the reasons why multi-tasking doesn’t work. Some research says that we need up to 20 minutes to arrive in the new state of mind when transferring between tasks.

A transition between tasks can be for instance when you leave the house to get on the bus to go to work. You transition from home to public and then to work.

When doing the exercise below we are letting go of whatever we have just done and focus on the new. It is like a mini-meditation.

Just imagine yourself sitting on a desk for three hours straight, you are not going to be as energised or focussed as you were at the beginning of that task. You are sitting bend forward, shoulders up to your ears, your whole body rounding and tensing, and brain fog has probably set in long ago. The same thing happens after a meeting, during physical work, studying, driving a bus. A few minutes of deep breathing, moving and re-energising can keep your energy levels high for longer.

Set yourself a reminder every hour and do this little


1) Get up and about. Change the scene. Grab some water. Go to the toilet. Do some yoga. Or just stand up from your desk and look into the distance.
2) Do some deep breathing. Fill your lungs with air. Long deep smooth breath in and then a long deep smooth breath out. Repeat that for a minute or so.
3) Then start saying the word ‘Release’ over and over again, silently to yourself.
4) After you have done that for a minute or so, set yourself an intention. An intention of how you want to feel like for the next hour or task.
5) Then continue with your new task.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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