What’s the worse that can happen in your first yoga class?

You know yoga is great to build strength and become more flexible, it strengthens your bones and sense of balance, it relaxes you and it goes on and on. However, going to your first yoga class is just very daunting.  So what exactly could go wrong in your first yoga class?

1. Everybody is going to be more flexible than you are!

To be honest most people are going to be far too busy concentrating on themselves. During a class, you will have to put a foot here and an arm there and then, in that shape have to focus on your breathing. There is not much time left to do people watching. I am pretty sure nobody will notice how flexible or inflexible you are.

2. Everybody else is going to know what they are doing!

You could start with a Beginners course, which will teach you the basics. This could give you a confidence boost to then try a regular class. Or you could try a class that is suitable for beginners. Those types of classes go in a slower pace and explain postures in more depth. This doesn’t always mean they are easy though. If it doesn’t mention in the description of the class whether it is for beginners or not, you could send the teacher a message, we are usually quite nice people.

3. Everybody else is going to look great in their yoga pants but you!

As I mentioned above, everybody will be far too busy concentrating on themselves. Those pants might look pretty before and after class, but during class, you will be thankful to wear something comfortable. They have to be practical. Before you go to a class, you might want to check how your trousers and top hold up when you come into a forward bend. Maybe check if you can squeeze your knees into your chest when you are lying on your back. In class, you will be glad to be wearing something practical even it isn’t as pretty.

4. The classroom will be so full of people that there is no space to move!

Some people love big and full classes. Students moving into the same postures and breathing rhythmically create a very special energy. Others hate it as you could end up touching somebody’s sweaty hand (if you are lucky). You could check with the teacher or student beforehand (we are nice, I promise). If you ended up in such a class and don’t like it, see it as an experience. This is a great time to go within and concentrate on your body, your breathing, and your thoughts.

5. You are going to fall asleep at the end of class!

We’ve all been there. Most yoga classes finish off with a relaxation or meditation of some kind. And then it happens and we relax so much that we wake ourselves up snoring. What an embarrassment. Well, not really. As I said we have all been there. It shows that you have worked hard and now you have managed to super relax and let go. Well done!

Most teachers are actually quite friendly and approachable. You could just give them a call and ask them all your questions. They will love to help somebody to get into yoga and enjoy it. After all, we love yoga!


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